"...the school was attended by several generations and has borne witness to many changes"

About The Schoolhouse

Our Events for 2018-2019

Sept. 13-16: Brampton Fair

Nov. 22: CBO Xmas Sale

Dec.2: Christmas Open House

Feb.9: Heritage Brampton

July.16: Lemonade on the Lawn

Open Sunday Dates for 2018-2019

(Winter Sundays weather permitting) Check our website Current News page and follow us on Twitter for up to date information.



Sept 9Then and Now

Our 1852 schoolhouse is very different from schools today. Explore the classroom and see if you can find things that are the same and things that are different between schooling in the late 1800s and today.
Oct 14Harvest Time

We'll tell you all about our vegetable garden planted by students and explain the significance of the Three Sisters.
Take a walk to the schoolhouse vegetable garden. Can you find the Three Sisters?
Nov 11Remembrance Day Sunday

We honor the members of our Armed Forces. Come and see our display of stories, medals and photos. Make a poppy, a peace dove or a bookmark.
Dec 2Christmas Open House and Sale

Our schoolhouse will be decorated for a Victorian Christmas. We will have many items for sale as well as several vendors selling their wares. Complete your Christmas shopping with wooden toys, honey, preserves, wool, books, note cards, beeswax candles and more.
Jan 13Games Day

Come and enjoy an afternoon playing with our old-fashioned toys and games. No batteries of electricity needed.
Feb 10Valentine's Day

Celebrate this special day by looking at some vintage valentines. Make a special valentine for someone you love.
Mar 10Maple Syrup

The early pioneers depended on maple sugar as a sweetener. The First Nations people showed them how to harvest this sweet sap. Come and learn how to tap a tree.
April 14Bees and Their Honey

The early settlers used honey as well as maple syrup for sweetening but first they had to find the honey tree. Come and find out how they gathered the honey and learn some facts about bees. Make a beeswax candle to take home.
May 12Spring in Our Victorian Garden

Just like the villagers of Britannia, our volunteers are busy in the Victorian gardens. See what spring flowers are growing. Can you name them? Make a pinwheel to play with on a windy day.
June 9Inside and out

Look at all the interesting things in our classroom. Then enjoy our Victorian gardens. Try out stilts or just enjoy our swings.

NOTE:There are no Open Sundays in July and August.