"...the school was attended by several generations and has borne witness to many changes"

About The Schoolhouse

Our Events for 2020-2021

No events are planned until further notice because of the COVID 19 restrictions.

Open Sunday Dates for 2022-2023

Our Open Sundays have been cancelled until further notice because of COVID19. Here are some activities you can do at home instead. They are all on our website. 


For activities go to www.britanniaschoolhousefriends.org and look at Fun and Games.

Sept Back to School

Activity | Read a Story, Write a Story
Oct Autumn Leaves

Activity | How to press Leaves
Nov Do Some Cooking

Activity | Family Recipes
Dec Make a Christmas Tree Ornament

Activity | Victorian Fan ornament
Jan Indoor Fun

Activity | Make Your Own Button Buzzer
Feb Valentine’s Day

Activity | Make a Valentine for a Special Person
Mar Be Creative

Activity | Draw What You See
April Get Ready to Garden

Activity | Think Gardening
May Mothers Day

Activity | Decorate a Pot and Fill It With a Plant for Mother
June Family Games Day

Activity | Victorian Summer Games for Children

NOTE:There are no Open Sundays in July and August.